Assembly, integration and test

Assembly, integration and test
Our flexible, agile manufacturing capabilities mean we tailor our services to meet your individual requirements.
We collaborate with our customers to manufacture high quality products with ease, efficiency and affordability.
The scale of our operations means we can manufacture from small batch to high volume.
Our comprehensive range of test facilities allows us to offer through-life support for all your products, wherever they are in the world.
With capabilities  ranging from simple point-to-point individual cable work to multi-way connector harnesses we work with you to provide the best solution .
To allow us to meet your needs, our fully trained people have expertise in specialised fibre-optic cable manufacture in clean room conditions covering single, dual and quad connector assemblies, from military specification very low loss assemblies through to commercial standards, fully inspected and tested.
We manufacture all forms of chassis, cabinets and control boxes, inclusive of all wiring requirements. From simple, bench-mounted, assemblies to large consoles, racks and cabinets which require a team of fitters using overhead lifting supports and air skates.
To support this we have an extensive range of machines capable of producing and modifying piece parts to ensure lead times are met.

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