What we do
An advanced tool designed and created by BAE Systems Australia to evaluate sensor performance in an operational environment.
ForeSee is an advanced software based tactical decision aid, designed to provide an additional layer of situational awareness to a Ship’s ops-room. Designed and created by BAE Systems Australia, ForeSee provides an indication of the composite coverage of EM sensors from contributing ships within a task group against a variety of threats, modelling factors such as terrain masking and atmospheric effects. By identifying areas that are not covered by surveillance, it possible for an operator to recommend changes to task group formation or to deploy additional assets to suit a particular mission objective.
ForeSee can also provide an objective assessment of the impact of strict emissions control (EMCON) environment or reveal the performance impact, due to defective or unserviceable sensors. ForeSee allows the operator to make objective judgments such as likely threat sectors, threat unmasking ranges, impact on tactical timeline (time-to-go) and where to deploy off board surveillance assets. Temporal and spatial performance predictions provided by ForeSee enables the operator to optimise task group route planning, in order to provide the best mission outcome for the customer.
ForeSee provides advanced modelling capabilities accounting for varying time and position, terrain masking and atmospheric effects such as ducting, precipitation effects, diffraction and troposcatter. The physics-based simulation engine is derived from BAE Systems Australia’s Ship Air Defence Model (SADM) – a model that has been used in naval research organizations since 2002. BAE Systems Australia’s’ Existing SADM-AE customers can export their library of verified reference models (ship systems, sensors, threats etc.) for use in ForeSee. Designed to operate as a standalone tool, ForeSee can conveniently run on a laptop or PC, whilst the intuitive user interface allows the operator to rapidly construct tactical scenarios.