Lightweight Instrumentation Pod

BAE Systems Lightweight Instrumentation Pod (LwIP) is a scalable and flexible pod system that allows for small to medium sized payloads to be carried on manned or autonomous airborne platforms with minimal impact to the parent platform.

The LwIP is designed around an interchangeable system of internal chassis, nose and tailcone assemblies and multiple hatch panel apertures for ease of mounting of payload equipment.

Weight penalties are minimised by the application of carbon fibre construction and low drag options are available for nose and tailcones.

The physical design architecture is modular and scalable such that a new design variant of LwIP can easily be implemented to tailor the equipment pod to specific payloads.

Additionally, apertures, nose and tailcones can be customised for simple mounting and application of optical, RF or other payloads that are commonly employed in the Electronic Warfare and C4ISTAR (Command, Control, Communications, Computing, Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance) domains.

Key Features:
• Highly flexible and scalable system
• Downward facing apertures for ground looking systems or downwards ejection or release of payloads
• Upwards facing apertures for GPS/Satcom coverage
• Quadrant apertures and mounts for omnidirectional ES (Electronic Support) systems
• Forwards and rearwards mounted equipment for designation and EA (Electronic Attack) systems
• Low drag optional fore and aft bodies