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Design summary

ForeSee shares many processing capabilities in common the SADM (Ship Air Defence Model) and ForeSee employs radar and ESM models from SADM. ForeSee can import numerical weather predictions, individual meteorological profiles, local surface data and create modified refractivity profiles that blend the upper air profiles with the evaporation duct.

Graphical user interface

Available plots:

Coverage (based on probability of detection):

  • radar detection coverage (ownship radar coverage shown);
  • adversary radar / missile seeker detection coverage;
  • ESM detection coverage;
  • adversary ESM detection coverage;
  • comparisons of ownship vs adversary coverage
ForeSee GUI Image 1

Optimisation (Plots of radar configurations for ownship and taskgroup optimised for):

  • Surveillance;
  • Anti-Ship Missile Defence (ASMD);

Route planning:

  • Optimised route to minimise detection by adversary radars.

For each coverage diagram the following information is available:

  • Constant Altitude Plan Position Indicator (CAPPI) plots – user can interactively change the height being displayed
  • Vertical Coverage diagram – user can interactively change the azimuth of the diagram
ForeSee GUI Image 2
The user is able to create, import and configure models of platforms, taskgroups, RF sensors and missiles.
ForeSee GUI Image 3
The outputs are generated in a soft copy format, that will allow plots and other pertinent information to be copied and incorporated into MS power point presentations, or the report utility can be used to generate a structured report.
ForeSee GUI Image 3