Nulka decoy missile in flight

The Company was recently awarded its 12th successive annual contract to produce additional rounds for Nulka, the world’s most effective soft-kill anti-ship missile.

BAE Systems Australia Chief Executive Jim McDowell said: “This is a truly impressive piece of engineering — revolutionary when it first appeared on the scene and still unique.

“It’s a system of which my Company is tremendously proud — a missile that stands on its tail and entices enemy anti-ship missiles away from their targets. It’s now seen as an essential element of an effective, layered anti-ship missile defence capability.

“Nulka’s success speaks for itself: I can confirm today that Nulka is to be installed aboard the US Navy’s Nimitz-class aircraft carriers.

“Already fitted to all other major surface combatants of the navies of the US and Australia —  that’s more than 130 ships — the carriers were alone in not being equipped with this advanced ‘soft-kill’ weapon. 

“These huge ships are significantly larger than any other using the system —which speaks volumes about its effectiveness.

“Nulka is a truly collaborative effort between government and industry on both sides of the Pacific.”

With a total program value to date of over AUD $900 million, Nulka is Australia’s largest regular defence export program.  Under the latest AUD $40 million contract, BAE Systems Australia will produce additional rounds for use by the Australian, United States and Canadian navies.


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