BAE Systems Australia has been working with Cryoclock for 18 months, testing the development of the Sapphire Clock, which will enhance the JORN Phase-6 capability through the integration of the Clock at three JORN radar sites across regional Australia.
The Sapphire Clock uses time to measure distance and is so precise that it gains or loses just one second every 40 million years.

The performance of the Sapphire Clock will improve JORN’s ability to detect objects in a wider range of air and sea conditions around Australia’s borders.
Director of Battlespace Integrated Solutions, BAE Systems Australia, Steve Wynd, said:
“We are committed to helping to strengthen Australia’s industrial high-tech capability and to supporting highly skilled Australian jobs well into the future. So we are pleased to be partnering with Cryoclock to use this new, sovereign technology to enhance JORN - world-leading high frequency systems technology that provides critical sovereign surveillance capability for Australia.”
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