Hawk Lead-In Fighter Williamtown, NSW
The event, facilitated by RDA Hunter (Friday 28 June 2019), will see year 9, 10 and 11 students go behind the scenes with the Hawk Lead-in fighter and F-35 aircraft sustainment teams to better understand career opportunities in the region’s defence industry.
Virtual reality technologies will also provide students with the opportunity to “see and walk around” an aircraft hangar that will be built on the site to support the company’s sustainment of fast jets including the Hawk and the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter.
BAE Systems sustains 33 Hawk Lead in fighter aircraft and will play an integral role in the sustainment of Australia’s F-35 fleet, employing more than 400 highly skilled workers to maintain aircrafts over the next 10 years.
BAE Systems Australia General Manager Aircraft Sustainment, Andrew Chapman, said: “We’re pleased to open our facilities to help inspire students with the vast possibilities and career opportunities right here on their door step.
“BAE Systems has secured long-term work at Williamtown supporting Australia’s national F-35 fleet. This means that students who have grown up and studied locally can now target a long-term aerospace career in the region.
“By inspiring students to consider a career in the defence industry, we’re building a future workforce that will provide the men and women that serve our country with the best possible capability.”
To find out more – www.baesystemscareers.com.au
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