Williamstown shipbuilding

Mr Abbott is the first Prime Minister to take the strategic step of a long-term commitment to naval platforms.

As one of Australia’s leading naval shipbuilders, BAE Systems has advocated a continuous build strategy for many years because it leads to the retention of a highly skilled workforce that provides certainty of employment and delivers higher levels of productivity.

Commenting on today’s announcement BAE Systems Australia’s Acting Chief Executive, Glynn Phillips, said: “We look forward to engaging with the Federal Government so we can better understand the implications this will have for our shipbuilding operations in Australia and the contribution we can potentially make as this country’s leading naval shipbuilding prime contractor.  BAE Systems has world-class designs for frigates and Offshore Patrol Vessels and has experience in building both of these classes of warships in Australia.’’

Mr Phillips continued, “We know from our experience with building the current Anzac frigates, the two Landing Helicopter Dock warships and other vessels that when a continuous build program is in place, we can achieve and sustain productivity improvements that result in a globally competitive performance.”

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