As  a major subcontractor to Elbit Systems, BAE Systems will prepare these vehicles, including Macks, Unimogs, Bushmasters and M113 Armoured Personnel Carriers, for the installation of a Battle Group and Below Command, Control and Communications (BGC3) system.

BAE Systems Australia will carry out the installation activities on the Mack, Unimog and Bushmaster vehicles at the Meeandah Military Facility in Brisbane, and on the M113 APCs at the new 7RAR Facility at Edinburgh Parks in northern Adelaide.

Managing Director of Elbit Systems in Australia Shlomo Weizer said: “We have selected BAE Systems Australia because of the company’s vehicle systems installation capabilities. It demonstrated the technical capability, skilled workforce and capacity to deliver this work across two states.”
In March 2010 Elbit Systems, Elbit Systems was awarded an Australian Government contract for the supply, integration, installation and support of a BGC3 system for the Land 200 Program.

This program will enable the Australian Army to achieve a major portion of its network centric warfare milestone.

BAE Systems contract with Elbit Systems runs from December 2010 to January 2013.

“BAE Systems is pleased to be working with Elbit Systems.  We believe our experience in vehicle systems integration and engineering design, plus the ability to use the capability of our Defence Logistics team in Brisbane, makes us the right fit,” said Kim Scott, Director Land and Integrated Systems.