Managing Director Jim McDowell said the decision underscored BAE Systems Australia’s record of success over the past 14 years as the DM provider for this critical battlefield and support aircraft.

The initial six-year performance-based contract, with options for up to 20 years, requires BAE Systems Australia to provide scheduled and unscheduled maintenance, repairs, engineering and logistics support services from its base in northern Queensland.

The initial $20.9 million contract will support a total of 23 jobs, mainly in Townsville.

Mr McDowell said: “It consolidates BAE Systems Australia’s reputation in this area, following its successes in December 2009 in winning support and maintenance contracts valued at $240 million for the Army’s Black Hawk and Navy’s Seahawk fleets.

“Successful conclusion of this contract, and the existing Seahawk and Black Hawk contracts means BAE Systems Australia will be well placed to provide future support for all ADF rotary-wing aircraft.

“Our solution will deliver to the ADF uninterrupted Chinook CH-47D support through to the end of the life-of-type of this aircraft in ADF service and the lowest possible transition risk for introduction of the Chinook CH-47F aircraft.”

Mr McDowell said the Chinook fleet is a critical capability heavily committed to active, high tempo military operations.  

Since 1996, BAE Systems has provided a compliant, proven solution. Even though requirements have varied greatly during this period, our service has met or exceeded customer expectations.

Mr McDowell added: “More recently, we have demonstrated our ability to deliver significant efficiency improvements, cost-base reductions and reduced Time to Make Serviceable by the application of Lean methodologies.

“The efficiencies we have generated have leveraged our company-wide capabilities and demonstrated our commitment to support the ADF and the Defence Materiel Organisation (DMO) in its conduct of the Strategic Reform Program (SRP).”