The Hunter Class and Global Access Program event is being held at the Adelaide Convention Centre on December 3-4, and brings together around 100 Australian businesses and 30 Original Equipment Manufacturers who are partners on the program, including Saab, Rolls-Royce, Raytheon Anschutz, Ultra, MTU, Penske Power Systems, Naval Group and Thales.
Over two days, the Australian companies will be given the opportunity to pitch business ideas to supplier representatives visiting from the United Kingdom, United States, Germany, France and Denmark, some of whom will showcase equipment that has been shipped to Adelaide.
Major international suppliers can then choose to engage further with Australian companies, which will result in the transfer of technology, further strengthening an enduring shipbuilding industry in Australia.
As well as engaging with global suppliers, Australian companies can use the event as an opportunity to network with each other, potentially leading to further local collaboration.
BAE Systems Australia Hunter Class Frigate Program Managing Director Nigel Stewart said:
“Under the Hunter Class Frigate Program we will deliver nine of the world’s most advanced anti-submarine warships to the Royal Australian Navy, providing a generational opportunity for the Australian shipbuilding industry.
“Industry engagement plays an essential role in Defence capability, which is why this two-day networking event is a fantastic opportunity for Australian businesses to engage with our global suppliers, who are already doing great things with us on the program.
“We are committed to working with our major suppliers and ensuring local businesses understand the opportunities available in the program, and we hope this event leads to new opportunities for Australian industry, both on Hunter and for future exports.
“The Hunter program is making significant progress and we are proud of the strong collaborative relationships already formed with Defence, the Navy and our industry partners.
“This event, which will be attended by more than 300 people, is the next step on to ensuring we deliver world class capability to the Royal Australian Navy and build strong sovereign capability for decades to come.”
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