BAE Systems kicks off national industry tour for its Land 400 solution
The AMV35 was on display to around 100 potential suppliers at an event in Campbellfield, Victoria, providing an opportunity for Australian industry to learn more about the vehicle and the Company’s plans for Australian manufacture.
The Victorian event is the first of several to be held in metropolitan centres across Australia as part of BAE Systems’ plan to expand its national supply chain for the local manufacture of the AMV35.
BAE Systems Australia’s Chief Executive Officer, Glynn Phillips, said: “We are committed to manufacturing this vehicle in Australia and in so doing maximising local industry involvement. Our plans involve transferring intellectual property rights, technical information, skills, engineering data and know-how from the AMV35’s Finnish and Swedish makers into Australia to establish the manufacturing capability here.
“We have been working with industry since before the Request for Tender was released in early 2015. Our market evaluation of 268 SMEs that have already registered with us has confirmed that Australian industry possesses the innovation and capability to competitively and efficiently produce the best vehicle for the Australian Army.”
Two of BAE Systems’ AMV35s arrived in Australia in early May, ready for the Commonwealth’s Risk Mitigation Activity (RMA) which is due to start later this year. The successful tenders for the 12-month RMA evaluation are expected to be announced soon.
BAE Systems Australia will also work with its overseas partners to establish global supply chain opportunities for local SMEs.
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