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The $50 million commitment in government funds for the Trailblazer program will bring universities and industry together to solve some of Australia’s most significant defence technology challenges and fast-track the development of new products and technologies, with a focus on autonomous technologies, hypersonics and high frequency technologies.

BAE Systems will contribute to Trailblazer through its national Red Ochre Labs Research and development centre. More than 500 people work within Red Ochre Labs across Australia and are responsible for developing and delivering new air, land sea space and cyber technologies for the Australian Defence Force.

BAE Systems Australia CEO, Ben Hudson, said:

“Collaboration across these technology areas and significant investment in R&D will have the benefit of speeding up the evolution of existing technologies where Australia is leading the world and the development of new technologies for the Australian Defence Force. We are delighted to have partnered with the University of Adelaide and the University of New South Wales on this program.   

“There is still significant work to do to ensure that some of the toughest technology challenges are solved so that we can enhance Australia’s Defence capabilities.

“Bringing together the collective capabilities and knowledge of industry, academia and the defence not only advances innovation, but it also supports the economy, generating new local jobs and potential defence exports.”

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