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The Data to Decisions CRC will start 1 July 2014 to research and develop tools that seek to maximise the benefits of ‘big data’ for Australia’s defence and national security sector.

BAE Systems will contribute $1 million and in-kind support over the life of the five-year program.

Mr Kim Scott, BAE Systems Australia Director – Business Development and Land & Integrated Systems, said “investing in the latest technology will be necessary to provide timely and accurate intelligence in the future”.

“Big data comes from many sources at an alarming velocity, volume and variety, which makes it difficult to analyse using current technologies. Large amounts of text, images and audio are rapidly generated all the time through digital processes and social media,” said Mr Scott.

Advances in technology allow BAE Systems to piece together disparate data and present it in an easy-to-use format for decision makers.

The Data to Decisions CRC’s research will inform the Company’s integrated systems and software development programs to deliver data analytics, high-speed distribution and secure sharing for Defence and security customers.

The CRC is funded partly by the Commonwealth through a grant, and partly through cash and in-kind contributions from defence, industry and university participants. The national headquarters is in South Australia with teams in Victoria and New South Wales.

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