In their two years with the company, this year’s graduates will have four placements which will see them working on a range of nationally important defence projects, across Australia.
The placements might also lead to opportunities in the company’s global business. The 2018 graduates will specialise in engineering, project management, finance, IM&T and commercial and procurement and will be based at the company’s facilities in South Australia, Williamstown and Richmond in Victoria, North Ryde and Garden Island, NSW, Canberra, ACT and Portsmith, Queensland.
BAE Systems Australia Chief Executive, Gabby Costigan, said:
“Our graduate program is just one aspect of our efforts to advance the next generation of employees within the business.
“We have the highest expectations of our graduates as potential future leaders within the business, both here in Australia and overseas.
“Our graduate program is important for us as we invest in developing the capability we need for the future and delivering future defence programs, supporting the men and women in the Australian Defence Force.”
More than 2600 university students applied for the offered positions. One third of the 42 graduates recruited are female, reflecting the company’s efforts to create a more diverse workforce.
BAE Systems has 65 graduate positions available in 2019 and will be seeking applications from graduates across the country.
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