BAE Systems and Land 400 bid partner Patria have been confirmed as one of two tenders selected to take part in the 12-month Risk Mitigation Activity for the Australian Army’s Land 400 Phase 2 combat reconnaissance vehicle program.
BAE Systems Australia has offered the AMV35 – Patria’s modern, agile, highly protected military-off-the-shelf Armoured Modular Vehicle integrated with the combat-proven E35 turret from BAE Systems Hägglunds.
PHM Technology will provide BAE Systems access to its integrated engineering analysis and decision support solution MADe™. This will enable ongoing diagnostics throughout the sustainment phase, ensuring optimal reliability, safety and maintainability throughout the product lifecycle.
Director of Strategy Fran Murphy said: “As an exemplar in the maintenance software space, PHM Technology is another great example of Australia’s world-class defence industry capability which we at BAE Systems Australia proudly support.”
MADe™ will provide BAE Systems with the ability to optimise the total cost of ownership for Australian conditions and requirements by providing regular data throughout sustainment of the AMV35. The Company said today that the simulation capabilities of MADe™ would allow it to work with the customer to identify and validate alternative maintenance regimes that will both reduce operational risk and the cost of sustainment.
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