Offering the ADF a leading munitions solution

Under this exclusive arrangement, BAE Systems Australia will be the prime contractor with EXPAL Systems as its principal sub-contractor and partner.

The DMMA projects seeks to re-structure the way in which selected non-guided munitions are supplied to the Australian Defence Force (ADF) and how the domestic production capabilities at Mulwala and Benalla can be used more effectively and efficiently.

BAE Systems brings to DMMA the strength of its munitions manufacturing business in the UK, and explosives and propellants development and production in the US.

Expal Systems, which is a part of the MAXAM Group (headquartered in Spain), is an acknowledged global supplier of munitions and energetic materials. The company also brings to the partnership significant operational expertise together with considerable market access.

BAE Systems Australia Chief Executive David Allott said: “BAE Systems is a major developer and producer of a wide range of munitions products in the US and UK, where we have recently transformed the nature of our operations.

“Our business and that of EXPAL System’s is highly complementary and we also have a history of working together in the UK and US.”

Francisco Torrente, Chairman of the Board of Directors for EXPAL Systems added: “EXPAL Systems has been developing and manufacturing munitions, explosives and propellants for over 140 years and today we have operations throughout Europe.

“Together with our advanced demilitarisation technologies and MAXAM Group, the second largest global supplier of civil explosives, facilities in 45 countries, operating in more than 100 countries and in Australia since 1989, we believe we have a team with all of the capabilities needed for DMMA.”

For further information contact:
Kaye Noske, BAE Systems
Tel: +61 (0) 401 121 444