The Company has signed a $2 million contract (GST inclusive) with the Australian Department of Defence to supply 80 Unit Load Ammunition Carriers (ULACs) to the Australian Army during 2016.
The ULACs will be a modern version of the equipment originally produced by Royal Ordnance in the UK more than 28 years ago, and will be manufactured in South Australia. Each ULAC is designed to securely house and transport M777 ammunition, comprising projectiles and propellant bags.
BAE Systems Australia Land Platforms Program Manager Bob Holdcroft said: “This will be the first time the ULACs have been manufactured in Australia for the ADF. As a global organisation, BAE Systems is proud to provide in-country solutions to support Defence requirements wherever possible. This helps our customer with reduced costs and delivery times, development of a strategic in-country capability and improved supply chain.”
All but one component used in the manufacturing process will be sourced from Australian suppliers with the ULACs assembled at BAE Systems plant in Wingfield, Adelaide.
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