HMAS Warramunga
The milestone was achieved this month during work on the sixth (HMAS Parramatta) and seventh (HMAS Toowoomba) ships in the eight ship program.
The ASMD program is providing the Royal Australian Navy with a world leading defence capability.
Each ship’s combat management system is being upgraded and an infrared search and track system is being introduced as well as a phased array radar and a dual navigation radar system.
While the ships are on the hard stand at Henderson, a number of additional and very complex engineering and structural changes are also being made to the frigates which include enclosing the quarterdeck and modifications to accommodate naval helicopters.
BAE Systems Australia Chief Executive Glynn Phillips said:
“The team involved is averaging 33,000 hours per month or around 400,000 hours per ship and is successfully meeting project milestones.
“The scope of work is incredibly diverse as these ships are essentially being ‘gutted’ and rebuilt from the inside out. It’s especially challenging as the upgrade and the engineering changes and maintenance work is being undertaken simultaneously and the engineering changes vary depending on the configuration of each ship.”
Once undocked, each ship is required to undertake extensive sea trials ahead of returning to service.

Program facts:

  • HMAS Parramatta and HMAS Toowoomba are currently on the hard stand at Henderson
  • 28 tons of paint is removed from each ship. 14,000 litres of paint is applied to each frigate during its upgrade
  • 375 kilometres of welding wire is used on each ship and
  • about 28 kilometres of new cable is installed in every upgraded ANZAC frigate.
This year, key program milestones will include the undocking of HMAS Parramatta in quarter two and HMAS Toowoomba in quarter three, the docking of HMAS Stuart (due for completion in 2017) and acceptance into active service of HMAS Ballarat following sea trials.
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