Advanced manufacturing milestone

The shipset comprises around 30 complex titanium components of varying sizes that will form part of two vertical tails for each of more than 700 next generation Joint Strike Fighter jets.

Chief Executive David Allott said that this was a significant advanced manufacturing milestone for both companies.

“This is the first shipset of parts delivered at the beginning of a 20-year contract,” he said.

Over the next two decades, BAE Systems Australia will provide parts to Marand to enable the assembly of 722 shipsets of vertical tail fins for the JSF.

“This year, BAE Systems will deliver three sets of aircraft parts to Marand, which will increase to up to 70 shipsets annually over the life of the contract.”

Mr Allott said the contract complemented the investment by BAE Systems and the South Australian Government in new titanium machining currently underway at Edinburgh Parks.

“Producing Joint Strike Fighter parts for the F-35 Lightning II program will form a large part of our expanded facility,” he said.

“The investment will provide a machining capability at BAE Systems – only one of two in the world – that we hope will open a door to other defence and commercial opportunities.”

The new facility will have the capability to manufacture large-scale components to support commercial aircraft, commercial industries and other defence projects and will start production in January 2014.

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