Technically Possible, the story of Australian defence industry innovation
Hosted by mathematician and leading science communicator, Lily Serna, the series looks at the depth of innovation, passion and perseverance that has led to the successful development of critically important Australian defence capabilities.
Technically Possible comprises six episodes. The first – launched today – tells the story of Nulka which uses a rocket-propelled active missile decoy system to lure incoming missiles away from ships, to protect them and their crews.
Today Nulka is one of Australia’s biggest defence success stories. It is made in Australia with an Indigenous name meaning “be quick” and is currently deployed on more than 140 Australian, American and Canadian warships.
More than 1,000 Nulka systems have been manufactured earning more than $1 billion for the Australian economy.
The episode explores the hard work and endeavour of Australian engineers and the challenges they faced in developing a hovering rocket 
Future episodes will focus on bespoke Australian-made technologies being developed now to increase the nation’s defence and security, and the people who are charged with leading Australian defence innovation.
Lily Serna tells these stories with passion that comes from understanding the science and affiliation with extraordinary human endeavour.
BAE Systems Australia Chief Executive Gabby Costigan welcomed the inaugural podcast: 
“Australia has some amazing stories of human endeavour and innovation and I am delighted they are being brought to life by one of the nation’s leading science storytellers.
“Defence innovation is important, not simply as a historical record of achievement, but for us to look forward and provide new solutions in the decades ahead for the Australian Defence Force.
“Industry has an important role to play in developing Australia’s future sovereign defence capabilities and it’s important the broader community is more aware of the amazing work Australians have done and will continue to do in the decades ahead.”
Lily Serna said:
“The technologies uncovered in the series ae incredible.
“I really enjoyed meeting the people involved, learning about the industry through their eyes and telling stories about their remarkable achievements that – for the most part – are known only within defence.
“I hope the audience will find them as interesting as I did.”
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