Cybersecurity support and services

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Technical support, professional services, and accreditation support are available to assist with deploying, administering and troubleshooting the entire cybersecurity products portfolio, offering peace of mind and reassurance in case of product problems.

Support & training

  • Technical support: 24x7 technical support is provided on all BAE Systems Cybersecurity Products via phone and email and is available through purchase of maintenance plans. Assistance with installation, configuration, administration, or general troubleshooting is available from our highly-trained support engineers who are experienced with complex customer environments. Providing around-the-clock coverage and rapid response to your queries ensures peace of mind and consistent service.
  • Training: BAE Systems offers a number of instructor-led formal and informal courses, available both at your site and at BAE Systems’ acclaimed Herndon, VA training facility, allowing you to quickly take advantage of the power of BAE Systems cross domain, multilevel security and deep content inspection capabilities. Courses target specific roles, such as administrator, user and developer. Courses vary in length and span one to five days.
  • Installation & configuration: Service includes conducting site surveys, delivery to user sites, and oversight of hardware installation, test and acceptance at a user site.
  • Rapid prototyping & custom development: Whether you require fast delivery of a custom capability, or need a specialized filters for a rare file types, BAE Systems has prototyping, software development and ruggedized hardware analysis and testing services available to meet the mission need.

Cybersecurity product FAQs

Check out Cybersecurity product FAQs to learn more.

Certification & accreditation

BAE Systems offers certification and accreditation documentation and services to deliver the expertise you need to achieve FISMA C&A compliance, demonstrate that compliance to the Inspector General and mitigate information security risk.