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Revolutionizing cyber security with new Resilience in Depth™ cyber technologies

Cyber Resilience 
Platform Intrusion Detection 

AVATAR generated exceptionally realistic network personas for use in defensive cyber applications or testing of cyber techniques.
Aging "Defense in Depth" cyber security no longer works well against today's more targeted, zero-day cyber-attacks. Our Cyber Technology R&D unit's adaptive Resilience in Depth™ solutions model pursues, tracks, and kills threats.

Given the risks to U.S. armed forces personnel and other assets, shielding defense community computers, comm systems, and electronic platforms with outdated "Defense in Depth" cyber security is less than optimal. Today, state-sponsored and other cyber attacks can often bypass traditional security defenses, remain undetected for weeks or months, and be hard to track once noticed. That can result in key losses of classified information – like strategic plans, active rosters, and financial data – allowing devastating real world outcomes.

That is why our FAST Labs™ Cyber Technology R&D unit developed our next generation Resilience in Depth approach. It uses A.I.–driven adaptive detection and defense technologies to build aggressive resiliency in cyber attack prediction, detection, automation, and control across networks and non-traditional cyber environments. That includes military, intelligence, and commercial platforms. Because Resilience in Depth is also a flexible, proactive cyber protection strategy, its algorithms include protocols for rapid response to and recovery from cyber intrusions, across every military and intelligence domain.

Primary uses of Resilience in Depth cyber strategies include:

  • Platform Cyber Resilience across all DoD services, devices, and domains
  • Adaptive, responsive resilience throughout military, intelligence, and commercial networks
  • Implementation of biometric logins where applicable to enhance access limits
  • Resilience in "Power through Cyberspace" cyber effects tools 
  • Securing conditional access with a dynamic, real-time authentication framework that alters privileges based on location, network, or other defined criteria
  • Continually "learning" about the millions of new cyber threats created every year, including malware, then applying vigorous defense updates autonomously

Technology collaboration

The Cyber R&D group welcomes collaboration with industry and academia on current or future projects. If you are interested in learning more or participating with our team, contact us here.

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