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XTS® Diode

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Next generation security

BAE Systems’ XTS Diode has successfully passed the National Cross Domain Strategy Management Office (NCDSMO) one-way transfer (OWT) separation test. The XTS® Diode is a Raise the Bar (RTB) compliant, small, lightweight, and inherently rugged device. It enables the transfer of data, email, and files between networks by utilizing pitcher/ catcher software to transmit and receive data needed by users on networks of different classification levels. The XTS Diode integrates with NiFi filtering for information validation. This software is hosted on our high assurance operating system STOP™, as well as Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

This solution provides agencies and users across various classification levels, the security and resiliency they need to communicate and collaborate.

Key Capabilities:

  • Includes forward error correction to ensure messages can be recovered post transmission.
  • Diode appliance reaches 10Gb of throughput while maintaining a miniscule footprint.
  • Application options for the solution are predicated on STOP to heighten the level of security at the operating system level, as well as providing OS heterogeniality required by RTB.
  • XTS Diode seamlessly integrates with the XTS Guard in order to comply with the latest RTB architectures for deployment.
  • Lower cost by allowing all products to be purchased and supported from a single vendor, with proven architecture.