Security Testing

Security Testing
Understand the relative strength of your defences.
As cyber attacks evolve and develop, it is essential that organisations understand the relative strength of their defences. What was strong enough a few years ago, may no longer be able to resist today’s sophisticated range of threats – which is why BAE Systems’ Security Testing is so important.

How we help with Security Testing Services:

Tick Icon Image Certified security testing determines whether products, applications, networks and organisations can resist cyber security threats. Our range of global services help our clients understand their vulnerability to attack, as well as assure their products to specific criteria.

Our penetration testing can mimic the approaches of real, current cyber attackers in order to identify relevant security weaknesses and vulnerabilities. These tests can try and avoid detection in order to locate potential breaches and test security monitoring capabilities.

This allows us to offer comprehensive and relevant recommendations that can help our clients adjust or allocate their resources to strengthen their protection and mitigate their exposure to risks.
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Cyber Security Services

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