trilogi graphic
The 21st century answer to the humble maintenance manual is 'trilogi®'.

trilogi® is an Interactive Electronic Technical Publication (IETP) and offers a unique opportunity to integrate technical documentation with fault diagnostics, maintenance management and training systems, creating a complete maintenance solution. trilogi® has evolved to provide end users with a common interface for essential support information for air, land and sea platforms.

For a maintenance organisation to work efficiently it must use a wide range of information and trilogi® supports a rich set of media including PDF and Word documents, Video and Virtual Reality Emulations. This flexibility allows users to augment their standard maintenance data with complementary material such as training packages, tutorials and design drawings.

On a Type 45 Destroyer for example, there are roughly 120,000 pages of information, plus around 17,000 graphics all accessible from a single, configurable and verified view. In short, every process is captured electronically and the whole data set contains about 6.8 gigabytes of information.