Tactical Data Link Multi-Link Manager

Tactical Data Link (TDL) Multi-Link Manager (MLM) in service
BAE Systems’ Multi-Link Manager provides you with all the tools necessary to support the active and dynamic management of Tactical Data Link networks.

No plan is ever perfect. Without disrupting a network in use, MLM (Multi-Link Manager) allows users to quickly correct network problems or implement new plans without having a negative impact on network performance or efficiency.

MLM allows users to plan, evaluate, participate, monitor, assess and compare all aspects of multi-link operations, including Link 11, Link 16 and IJMS (Interim JTIDS Message Specification).

MLM delivers the right information, to the right people, at the right time. It ensures a network is not just planned to be effective, but remains effective.

MLM will:

• Improve the efficiency of network managers, whilst operational network effectiveness and performance is maximised.
• Support single, through to multiple, networks and terminals.
• Support Link 11, Link 16 and IJMS.
• Enable the monitoring of concurrent or multiple networks for FCA compliance.
• Allow users to train within a realistic virtual world, with easily created scenario based missions.