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About MAI

Military Air & Information

Part of BAE Systems, the global defence and security company, Military Air & Information is primarily involved in the air sector. In fact, we can trace our roots right back to the very earliest days of aviation. Of course things have moved on from the likes of Avro and Vickers, who form part of our rich tapestry.


MAI Mission


Today we remain at the forefront of the industry. Endorsed by the Royal Air Force and UK Government, we use all of the collective expertise gained down the decades to design and manufacture the very latest fixed wing combat and training aircraft for customers around the world.

As the business has developed so too has our service offer in a direct response to our customers’ needs. Our knowledge of the sector is encyclopaedic, so, as well as making aircraft, we also offer an array of associated training solutions and support services for customers worldwide.

One of the biggest changes came in 2011 when we added the defence information arm to the business. Information is now a key pillar in our future strategy because it is an absolutely crucial part of what our customers expect.