But it is here you will find A&G Precision and Sons Ltd, a family-run business manufacturing complex machined components for a wide range of sectors, including military and civil aerospace, Formula One, and oil and gas.
It is also an important cog in the Eurofighter Typhoon manufacturing supply chain. From its three sites in the area A&G makes around 1,280 parts for the aircraft as part of its enduring relationship with BAE Systems.

Commercial director Wayne Richardson explains:

The Typhoon is massively important to us. Put simply, the aircraft has helped build this business.”

A recent report by Oxford Economics highlights that more than 9,000 jobs in the North West are supported by the Typhoon programme, out of a national figure of more than 20,000. Employee wage spending in the region also contributed £210m to the region’s GDP. And for every 100 UK jobs directly generated by Typhoon, a further 220 are supported by the flagship defence programme.
Overall Typhoon contributes £1.6bn to the national economy. And its export figures consistently increased between 2018 and 2022, from £1.1bn to £2bn, strengthening international partnerships.
Companies like A&G provide the expertise that makes the North West the engineering centre of excellence which powers the Typhoon programme. They deliver the components and the support to BAE Systems’ Lancashire sites in Warton and Samlesbury, which today provide unique sovereign capabilities for fast jet test and development, including secure aerodrome and wind tunnel testing facilities, advanced manufacturing and final assembly.
A&G, which has a workforce of around 100, is a third generation family operation that has been manufacturing high precision components for more than three decades. The wide range of components it supplies to Typhoon range from nuts and sprockets to more complex pieces for the aircraft, including parts for its re-fuelling system.
The stability of supplying to an enduring programme such as Typhoon has enabled A&G to continuously invest in the latest technology, automation and software ensuring it remains a key supplier for Typhoon and within the wider aerospace industry. 
There is no disputing the importance of Typhoon to us. It has been one of our bedrocks, and there is no doubt it has also opened new doors for us. Because of our Typhoon work we are now on the F-35 fighter programme and we are also working on Tempest, the sixth-generation platform that is being developed.” Wayne Richardson, Commercial Director, A&G Precision and Sons Ltd.

He is quick to point out that its Typhoon work continues to be at the heart of the business and adds: “It is always underlined, whenever we meet with BAE Systems, that Typhoon is very much a future aircraft programme, with the aim to continue sales for a long-time to come.”

The Oxford Economics report highlighted the importance of Typhoon to local economies across the country. It is an impact that goes beyond just simple job-creation.

Wayne agrees. He says: “As a business we are important to the economy. It may be very much a farming community but we have a big presence and feel we are at the heart of the village.

“We always look to spend locally, whether that is using the nearby sandwich shop or ensuring we engage local suppliers. For instance we’ve just had a new roof installed and we made sure that the work was done by a local firm. Putting money into the economy here is important to us.”

The business is also actively involved in community events, including sponsoring local junior football teams. Then there are the links with the local secondary school, grown over time, which include inviting students to engage and learn about engineering through work experience.

A&G is also proud of its record of taking on local apprentices – 18 over the last six years with more about to be taken on.

Wayne says:

We look to give local people opportunities, 90 per cent of apprentices are still with us. Our workforce takes great pride in working on Typhoon and we make sure we share all the news about the aircraft with them. 

They all know how important Typhoon is to their jobs. Hopefully its order book will remain nice and healthy for a long time to come.”

Eurofighter Typhoon

The most flexible and proven multi-role combat aircraft on the market today, Typhoon combines air superiority with proven air-to-surface capability, to take on any mission.
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