Eurofighter Typhoon is the backbone of combat air defence for the UK and a number of its key European and international allies.  

Through our role on the Typhoon jet we develop and maintain critical skills and capabilities, helping to protect our nation's interests - both at home and abroad. 


Our people stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the RAF to meet our shared mission, ensuring Typhoon aircraft are ready to respond to secure our skies and support the UK's international allies 24/7, 365 days a year.


We are continually investing in the Typhoon jet to maintain its cutting edge military capability, whilst developing and deploying technologies central to the next generation of the UK’s combat air capability – Tempest.


Having the right people to do the job matters

We continually invest in developing highly-skilled people, empowering them to solve complex challenges, critical to ensuring Typhoon is available whenever and wherever it's needed.


Whether engineering future capabilities for Typhoon, using robotics and carbon fibre technologies to manufacture aircraft, or harnessing the power of data to keep aircraft available on the front line to carry our critical operations, ensuring our people have the right skills matters.

We never stop looking for ways to grow our expertise and will continue to invest in the advanced skills required to deliver the future of combat air.


Careers in the UK

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Typhoon: Contributing to the UK economy

Typhoon is one of the UK's most successful UK defence programmes, securing thousands of highly-skilled jobs across the country.

In Lancashire, we employ around 5,000 people directly on the Typhoon programme, which supports in excess of 20,800 jobs in the UK economy as a whole.


The combat air sector delivers £6 billion of revenue to the UK every year and is responsible for 87% of the nation's defence exports - with export sales of Typhoon already returning more than double the UK's £12 billion investment in value to the economy.


Max speed: Mach 2.0

Thrust: 90kN from each of the two. EUROJET EJ200 turbofans

Length: 15.96m

Max altitude: Above 55,000ft

Wingspan: 10.95m

When every second counts - technology that works matters

Our engineers ensure Typhoon has the capabilities RAF pilots need both now and in the future battlespace.

When they go to defend the nation, they can have confidence Typhoon is equipped with everything they need to carry out their job, from the latest weapons technologies to high-speed data links and advanced sensors.

But, the threat does not stop changing and nor does our ability to engineer the new technologies pilots of the future need.

By bringing a game-changing new advanced radar, ECRS Mk 2, Typhoon pilots will be able to locate, identify and suppress enemy air defences, and gather huge amounts of new data, presented to them in a new Large Area Display cockpit giving complete situational awareness.

Together with technologies including the Striker II helmet, future data-driven weapons and enhanced sensors, we are developing and deploying the technologies which are at the heart of the UK’s future combat air ambitions.

Eurofighter Typhoon in flight
Eurofighter Typhoon
In flight
Eurofighter Typhoon is the backbone of combat air defence for the UK and a number of key European and international allies.

Eurofighter Typhoon


Eurofighter Typhoon is Europe’s largest collaborative defence programme, built on the strength of the four partner nations – Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK – and on Europe’s largest defence companies – Airbus Defence & Space, BAE Systems, and Leonardo.  Together the Eurofighter supply chain supports 100,000 jobs across 400 European companies.


In the UK, we work with a network of partner companies to support the Eurofighter Typhoon programme, including Leonardo UK, Rolls Royce, MBDA and hundreds of SMEs up and down the length and breadth of the UK.  Many of the same partners we are working with to deliver the next generation of UK combat air power – Tempest.


Our partners

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Our customers

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