FalconWorks® is our new centre for advanced and agile research and technology development in the Air Sector. It will deliver a long term customer-centric approach to R&D investments; horizon scanning to identify new capabilities and innovation initiatives that focus on what comes after next and also provide the capabilities our customers need today to maintain competitive advantage 

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Accelerating Possibilities

FalconWorks builds on BAE Systems' globally recognised pedigree of Research and Technology, engaging and partnering with academia, research organisations, SMEs and National Governments to deliver solutions and maximise return on investment.

We work with an ecosystem of the best of British and International talent to accelerate game changing new solutions and capabilities, with a focus on sustainability - low carbon footprint, green and net zero solutions. 


FalconWorks Partnerships

Our goal is to accelerate the innovation of future air power through the development of technology and capabilities through unique partnerships to share ideas to co-create solutions and work in collaborative ways.


Research businesses

Our growing ecosystem  

Defending our freedoms is becoming ever more unpredictable - where the only constant is change. We believe it's our duty to continuously innovate breakthrough technologies that will keep our customers ahead. This requires us to wonder, not just what comes next, but what comes after next? And how we can accelerate ideas that help to shape it.


FalconWorks Portfolio


Explore our innovative technology solutions:
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Nano technologies
  • Additive materials and techniques
  • Low Observation materials
FalconWorks Capabilities

Innovation Spaces

Discover more about our innovation spaces
  • Air Labs
  • Factory of the Future
  • Hangar of the Future
FalconWorks Spaces


Learn more about our collaborative work in secure digital technology which covers areas such as, Secure Cloud computing, DevSecOps, Data Science and Autonomy.
  • Data Science
  • Autonomy
FalconWorks Digital


Our teams are working hard on early life cycle concepts for, not just what comes next, but what comes after next. Find out more about the FalconWorks product range.
FalconWorks Products

What comes after next?

FalconWorks are exploring, developing and investing in new and novel technologies in areas such as hypersonics, information advantage, novel vehicles and space. If you would like to find out more about any of our portfolio please get in touch, we'd love to hear from you. 

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