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  • Enabling decision advantage in the cyber domain

    As the threat intelligence landscape continues to evolve, operationalising cyber threat data is becoming an increasing priority for businesses and analyst teams
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  • Transformation in Government: unlock, don’t overhaul

    80% of government decision makers say driving digital advantage is “crucial” or “very important” to their organisation. But how can they unlock this digital advantage?
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  • Supporting the FCDO in exercising partner nations’ response to cyber attacks

    How we used bespoke exercises and a gamified experience to help 37 nations evaluate their incident response processes
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  • Unlocking defence transformation to create the digital deterrent

    With significant opportunities available for the UK to digitally transform defence, what lessons can we learn from commercial sectors?
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  • Making Artificial Intelligence an operational reality in defence

    The role of AI in defence has been an interesting topic for some time. The technology has huge potential, but operationalising it comes with some significant challenges.
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  • The Advantages of “Hunt Forward” Extend Beyond the Hunt

    Hunt Forward Operations provide an enhanced capability to identify cyber threats. But what exactly are they and how can they be modified for wider applications?
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  • The role of Primes in driving collaboration across the defence and security ecosystem

    In today’s threat landscape, defence Primes have an important role to play in helping to foster a thriving and innovative industry
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  • Digital Diversity in the North West – A once in a generation opportunity

    Victoria Knight recently discussed the need to support greater digital diversity in the North West with national security and diversity experts from across academia, government and industry. Find out why diversity is key to the future of cybersecurity
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  • Unlocking 'Digital Advantage' in Government

    Decision makers across government highlight how a desire to accelerate digital maturity is being held back by people, data and technology challenges
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  • Delivering the Mission: One Year On

    Following the first anniversary of the launch of BAE Systems Digital Intelligence, we reflect on our achievements over the last 12 months
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  • Data in Defence: Weaving Digital Threads Across Multiple Domains

    Senior IT and business decision-makers from defence organisations shine a light on the urgent need for the sector to gain a digital advantage over adversaries
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  • Utilising personal data: what should citizens expect from the public sector?

    Ben Hargreaves asks whether it is time to discuss a redrafting of terms within that ‘contract’, to stipulate a positive obligation in the collection and use of personal data
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  • Overcoming the complications of cloud migrations

    Engineering Manager Paul Swinfield outlines the things that make cloud migrations difficult and how they can be overcome
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  • Delivering the Mission

    Our people deliver digital solutions that enable rapid, data-driven decision-making
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  • Technology as a Rising Part of the Cyber Power Conversation

    An interview with Julia Voo, Cyber Fellow at the Harvard Belfer Center
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  • 2023 Predictions from Digital Intelligence

    Experts from BAE Systems Digital Intelligence take a closer look at what’s in store for 2023 - from how space is going to bolster our digital defences, to the geopolitical influences on multi-domain integration technologies
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  • Security in an Industry 4.0 World

    Richard Daniel investigates why cybersecurity must be the first step for manufacturers on an Industry 4.0 journey.
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  • Cyber Resilience in the Digital Roads Ecosystem of the Future

    Enabling the transport ecosystem to tolerate cyber events and still operate safely
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  • Client Conversation: Innovation in Policing

    Tree surgeon, to Head of Crime, to champion of innovation. Ben Hargreaves has followed an unconventional path in pursuit of social fairness, justice and progress.
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  • The Logical Evolution of RF Integration in the Battlespace

    The need to move data and information between platforms makes CEMA – cyber and electromagnetic activities – the single biggest dependency in military operations
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Watch the videos below showcasing our latest public sector work


Full Spectrum Defence

Security, Threat & Risk Assessment
BAE Systems Digital Intelligence

ILAS: Intelligent Lead Assessmen...

Watch the video to learn more about our capabilities

Data to Secure the UK Border

Supporting the 2025 UK Border Strategy

Watch: Molly's Puzzle

How data fusion can protect children

Home Office and Biometrics

Data Exploitation in Australia

Helping the Commonwealth exploit its data

National ANPR Service (NAS)

Enabling Law Enforcement to identify mobile criminals
BAE Systems Digital Intelligence

Network Detection

Evolving national cyber security and building cyber defence for a military customer. Download our brochure to learn more. Download brochure

Naval Data Transformation

Enabling the Royal Navy to gain insights from data

Advanced Signal Processing

Securing long-distance satellite communications

Finding Fraud and Error Faster

Saving money in tax for HMRC

Tackling Child Exploitation

Tackling Child Sexual Exploitation in the Digital Age