Organisations that wish to benefit from this revolution, and optimise the use of their valuable finite resources, need to engage in and manage a cycle of continuous transformation, requiring the ongoing careful orchestration of people, process, technology and culture. The art of successfully navigating the digital transformation lifecycle requires organisations to proactively manage ongoing digital change: to surf the digital wave and be in control at all times.

Digital Transformation

We are the Royal Navy’s data science partner - helping the Royal Navy become a fully digital organisation, to exploit insight and deliver data science projects successfully

Delivering the Mission

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A journey, not a destination

It’s not easy, and it’s not always quick – transformation is a journey rather than a destination, but one which can enable organisations to take advantage of new technologies by setting an enduring culture of efficient change, whilst managing the cost and risks associated with their existing infrastructure. With the right experience, skills and strategic approach, the seemingly impossible can start to look more realistic.
For many organisations, finding answers to all the challenges which arise can seem overwhelming. Partnering with another organisation that specialises in data and digital transformation and has done it all before, many times, and at scale, is perhaps the most advisable route.
From our perspective, the challenges may have evolved, but they are not new, and four decades of working alongside government and commercial organisations have given BAE Systems Digital Intelligence significant expertise in turning ideas into impact, and challenge into opportunity.

Our Approach and Service Portfolio

Digital & Data Service Portfolio

Although continually evolving to meet the demands of the latest advances in technologies, our approaches are tried, tested and consistent. We work with our clients to understand their unique environments, challenges and business needs, and then help them deliver changes that transform their ability to deliver on their commitments and aspirations. As our experience and expertise has grown over decades of customer engagements we have developed a portfolio of specific propositions that address the challenges customers face during their data and digital transformation journeys.

Discover how our data and digital services can help you move from talking digital transformation, to engineering it. Explore our full range of Digital and Data Services below.


Digital and Data Services

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