Who we are

To maintain the advantage is this fast moving environment, there is a need to innovate and exploit emerging science and technology. Applied Intelligence Laboratories (AI Labs) is the research and technology arm of the BAE Systems’ Digital Intelligence business.
We provide research & development, consultancy, specialist manufacturing and technical services for BAE Systems businesses, Government departments and commercial entities. Additionally, our expertise helps the UK MoD, US Department of Defence, European Defence Agency, UK Sport, universities and other leading innovative organisations to achieve their goals.
Since 1936 the business has been based in Great Baddow, near Chelmsford, Essex and has a long and distinguished heritage.

How we work

We work extensively with other businesses and academics to transform aspiration and vision into engineered reality. Projects we undertake range from 1 day focused studies to multi-year integration into Project Teams and cover the entire lifecycle from ‘blue-sky thinking’ to the support of in-service products. We are happy to work with customers and partners in a variety of ways including:
  • Collaborations (Universities, Govt. Organisations, Industrial Partners);
  • Services and Support
  • Contract R&D
  • Specialist Consultancy
  • Bespoke projects

What we do

Innovation is at the core of the business and is possible because of the unique mix of technical disciplines, technologies and facilities that reside under one roof at AI Labs. This rich diversity has supported the generation of new ideas that can only be conceived when complimentary capabilities come together. The areas we cover include:
  • Computer science, Data science, Analytics & Mathematical techniques
  • Radio frequency systems, Optical systems & Ultrasonic acoustic techniques
  • Electronics and hardware design
  • High power / High voltage systems
  • Communication systems
  • Chemical and material analysis
  • Antennas and electromagnetics
  • Mechanical and thermal analysis and design
  • Rapid prototyping / manufacturing & System / Component modelling
  • Cyber security
Our facilities are comprehensively equipped with test, simulation, evaluation and manufacturing equipment to support the development of novel and innovative responses to our customers’ challenges. We are able to work on commercial projects as well as the highest levels of Government classification.

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