We design, build, and support a full range of complex naval ships.
We design, build, commission, repair and support a full range of complex naval ships from offshore patrol vessels through to aircraft carriers, giving customers the capability to carry out extensive naval operations. We also support them through the life of the vessels around the world.

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  • Type 26 RPJW


    Global Combat Ship

    The Global Combat Ship will be a highly capable and versatile multi-mission warship designed to support anti-submarine warfare, air defence and general purpose operations anywhere on the world’s oceans.

  • Image - Queen Elizabeth Class Aircraft Carrier


    Queen Elizabeth (QE) Class Aircraft Carriers

    The Queen Elizabeth (QE) Class Aircraft Carriers are the largest warships ever constructed in the UK, each providing our armed forces with a four acre military operating base, which can be deployed anywhere in the world.

  • Type 45 Deployed Services


    Type 45 destroyers

    Commissioned into service between July 2009 and September 2013, the six Type 45 Destroyers were built by BAE Systems for UK Ministry of Defence to replace the Type 42 class destroyers.

  • The Queen Elizabeth Class Centre of Specialisation at Portsmouth Naval Base.


    Queen Elizabeth Class Centre of Specialisation

    The North Corner of Portsmouth Naval Base – an area of 70,000 square metres – has undergone major infrastructure work to become the Queen Elizabeth Class Centre of Specialisation.

  • 90m Offshore Patrol Vessel


    Offshore Patrol Vessels

    The Offshore Patrol Vessel is a highly versatile ship, designed to perform Economic Exclusion Zone management roles, including the provision of maritime security to coastal areas and effective disaster relief.

  • Type 26


    Type 26

    Type 26 Global Combat Ship will be a world-class anti-submarine warfare ship.

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  • HMS Queen Elizabeth entry into Portsmouth Image 4


    Queen ElizabethClass Programme

    Built by the nation; for the nation

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  • Future radar image


    Radar UK

    Our rich radar heritage and vast experience, together with our constantly evolving technology and expertise, enable us to provide a world-class service. We provide and maintain cutting-edge radar capability, cost-effective solutions that have been proven time and again in extreme environments and harsh operational conditions.

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