Sensor Solutions

Medical and Dental X-Ray

Intra-oral Dental X-ray

BAE Systems’ X-ray sensors can be found in more dental offices worldwide than any other sensor.

Our high-resolution, high-speed X-ray sensors set the performance standard for medical and dental imaging. In addition to offering distinctive sensor designs, we have extensive experience in applying fiber optics to the surface of the sensors, and then applying a range of X-ray scintillators to the surface of the fiber optics. Customers appreciate superior image quality enabled by our high signal response and low noise.

For new dental and medical applications, we can offer custom designs that leverage our deep knowledge in sensors, fiber optics, scintillators, custom packaging, and high-volume manufacturing for FDA approved products.

Products that we supply to clients in high-volume are:

  • Intraoral dental X-ray imaging
  • Extraoral dental X-ray imaging
  • Biopsy X-ray imaging
  • Retinal imaging
  • Corneal imaging
  • Mammographic imaging