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LEXI™ Software suite

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Access, search, and refine data for optimal situational awareness

The LEXI™ software suite is a COTS software product for analysts to visualize, access, manage, and analyze data from multiple sources on one screen. The Silicon Valley-designed user interface is easy to learn, while the powerful backend analytics allow real-time evaluation with minimal clicks to reduce the time to apprehension. The embedded fusion algorithms associate geospatial intelligence, signals intelligence, publically available information, and other reporting to track and monitor their movement. LEXI can be deployed with no additional hardware cost or modifications through a cloud-based hosting environment. Agents continue to have access to the data when working in a disconnected environment.

LEXI was designed with an eye towards the future. Open APIs allow for quick insertion of new analytics (eg latest machine learning or artificial intelligence packages) regardless of the authoring vendor. Foundation pieces, such as the database, can be quickly swapped out to meet evolving CONOPS. For example, the LEXI architecture requirements would be different if operating in a cloud-based environment versus a disconnected environment, but would preserve the same front-end look and feel, eliminating training costs when moving to a new environment.

With LEXI software users can:

  • Intuitively discover, correlate, and evaluate data from structured, semi-structured, and unstructured sources.
  • Collaboratively update analysis and produce reports.
  • Prioritize data exchange based on needs.
  • Leverage additional analytics from third-party applications.
  • Customize simple user-integrated displays for rapid knowledge creation.

Store, access, and analyze your intelligence data

The LEXI application brings disparate sources of information into one easy-to-use workspace for exploring data relationships and discovering new information. It enables users to pull the data they need and push results to other teams, reducing the time spent uncovering trends, relationships, and anomalies. 

ISR Analytics

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