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LEXI software suite

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Access, search, and refine data for optimal situational awareness

The need

Today's world captures and stores an unprecedented volume of electronic data. Advanced capabilities are needed to effectively discover, understand, and act upon the knowledge hidden within distributed data stores. The LEXI system shows analysts the information they need – on demand.

The solution

The LEXI suite is an enterprise software package used to store, discover, visualize, and analyze data in collaborative and dynamic environments. With an open data architecture, proven fusion analytics, and an intuitive user interface, the system allows users to access and evaluate data in real time. 
With LEXI software users can: 
  • Intuitively correlate, and evaluate data from structured, semi-structured, and unstructured sources
  • Seamlessly discover data, collaborate, and produce reports
  • Prioritize data exchange based on needs
  • Retrieve additional analytics from third-party plug-ins
  • Customize simple user-integrated displays for rapid knowledge creation

Store, access, and analyze your intelligence data

The LEXI application brings disparate sources of information into one easy-to-use workspace for exploring data relationships and discovering new information. It enables users to pull the data they need and push results to other teams, reducing the time spent uncovering trends, relationships, and anomalies.