Electronic Warfare and Support Equipment

EW and Support Equipment
BAE Systems offers a range of flight-line test equipment for countermeasures dispenser systems.

BAE Systems Rokar electronic countermeasures systems handle advanced threats with leading chaff- and flare-dispensing technologies.

These combat-proven systems provide optimal responses to IR and radar-guided missile threats by integrating flight data with data from electronic warfare sensors, such as radar warning receivers and missile warning systems.

More than 3,000 of these systems operate in more than 30 countries on platforms such as fighter aircraft, helicopters, cargo planes, and VIP light aircraft. The effectiveness and reliability of these systems prevent missile hits, increasing aircrew safety and improving aircraft survivability. BAE Systems Rokar is the sole supplier of these systems to the Israeli Air Force.

The systems are supported by standard O-level, I-level, and D-level testers, enabling flexible programming of the dispensing algorithms.

Full customer support, including system integration, training programs, and maintenance, is provided.

EW and support products