Amphibious Combat Vehicle

Four Amphibious Combat Vehicles conducting swim operations at United States Marine Corps base in California.
The Amphibious Combat Vehicle is an adaptable amphibious platform designed from the ground up to fulfill the complex mission objective of deploying Marines from ship to shore.
This no-compromise 8x8 platform is a unique mix of true open-ocean amphibious capability, land mobility, survivability, payload, and growth potential to accommodate the evolving operational needs of the United States Marine Corps (USMC).
BAE Systems has long been a trusted supplier to the Marine Corps across multiple domains and has more than 75 years of experience designing and building amphibious vehicles. Our ACV offering was born out of a combination of BAE Systems’ amphibious legacy and Iveco Defence Vehicles’ long history producing more than 30,000 multi-purpose armored vehicles.
Proven to be significantly more effective than the 40-year old Assault Amphibious Vehicle (AAV), the Marine Corps approved the Initial Operational Capability of the ACV on November 13, 2020. This declaration came shortly before BAE Systems’ received a $184 million contract to move into full-rate production on the program. Both milestones validate years of BAE Systems’ dedication and teamwork in partnership with the U.S. Marines to introduce the ACV capability to the warfighter.

Family of Vehicles

BAE Systems is currently under contract for the development of engineering drawings, manufacture and test support for three ACV command and control mission role variants; and the development of the ACV medium caliber cannon mission role variant. In June 2019, the U.S. Marine Corps awarded BAE Systems a $67 million contract for the work.
  • The ACV-C will provide multiple workstations for Marines to maintain and manage situational awareness in the battle space. 
  • The ACV-30 mounts a stabilized, medium caliber weapon system to provide the lethality and protection the Marines need while leaving ample room for troop capacity and payload.  
  • The ACV-R will provide field maintenance, recovery, and repair capabilities to the Assault Amphibian companies and battalion in support of the Marine division.

Looking Ahead

The ACV represents the optimum balance of sea and land mobility, survivability and future growth potential. The ACV platform was designed to grow and adapt to mission needs, allowing space for new capabilities as technology evolves such as reconnaissance, electronic warfare, anti-air, and UAS systems integration. With its modular design, the ACV is ready to provide Marines the flexibility to address additional mission roles and future technologies.