Assault Amphibious Vehicle

Assault Amphibious Vehicle AAV
Introduced in 1984, the BAE Systems Assault Amphibious Vehicle, AAV7A1 has earned a reputation for rugged durability and superior mobility for transporting troops and cargo from ship to shore.

At sea, a 400 hp turbocharged diesel V-8 engine with propulsion enabled by two 14,000 gpm water jet pumps provides AAV7A1 vehicles with a cruising speed of 7 knots and the ability to negotiate 10-foot plunging surfs heading either seaward or to shore.

On land, the proven torsion bar suspension and BAE Systems signature "Big Foot" track makes for outstanding mobility on all terrains at a top speed of 45 mph.

Upgrades since the introduction of AAV7A1s include improved firepower - featuring a 50-caliber/Mk 19 40-mm weapon station, applique armor packages, plus command, control and repair capabilities.

Members of the AAV7A1 family of vehicles include:

  • AAVC7A1 Command Vehicle
  • AAVP7A1 Personnel Vehicle
  • AAVR7A1 Recovery Vehicle