ACV 1.1
Our company, originally selected for the engineering and manufacturing development phase of the ACV 1.1 program in November 2015, delivered 16 prototypes to the U.S. Marine Corps on schedule, and has gone through several months of extensive government testing of the vehicles. The Marine Corps is scheduled to make a low-rate initial production award to a single contractor in June 2018.
We are teamed with IVECO Defence Vehicles, which brings additional proven experience having designed and built more than 30,000 multi-purpose, protected, and armored military vehicles in service today. With seven years of ACV investment behind our two companies, we developed a solution, built from the ground up as an amphibious vehicle that offers superior mobility and survivability to enable Marines to complete their missions safely and effectively.
Our offering has been validated through thousands of miles of U.S. Government testing.  The testing provided proof that the vehicle can launch from and recover to an amphibious ship followed by a 12 nautical mile open ocean swim.
“We are honored to continue our legacy of providing the Marine Corps with superior amphibious capabilities,” said John Swift, program director for amphibious combat vehicles at BAE Systems.  “Our ACV team has worked diligently to achieve superior U.S. Government test results that meet objective requirements for land and sea mobility, and protection. I’m proud of all the team’s hard work that was needed to achieve this.”
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