Product Classification
Exchange (PCE)

Governments trust us to have the necessary controls in place to safeguard and protect their most sensitive technologies. That’s why Export Controls are so important in our industry. If we don’t comply, then we can’t build, maintain or sell our products. 
Tempest concept model
In line with this compliance, we require our suppliers to provide declarations so that we know what materials (including hardware, software, information and services) are subject to Export Control. These declarations are required either when we request a quotation or when we place a purchase order. If these materials are supplied to us on a regular basis and the applicable programme is active, then we require a yearly refresh of the declaration. 
The declaration is something we’ve always taken seriously and we expect our supply chain to support this. To help ensure we’re reducing risks and improving efficiencies for both suppliers and ourselves, we are introducing an online tool called Product Classification Exchange (PCE). It will support how we gather declarations from our suppliers and programme partners. Please explore the links on this page for further details.

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