Typhoon at RAF Marham
In a digitally connected world, with a mix of different aircraft on the same force, there’s a need for each to be able to ‘talk’ to one another and other ground systems – as part of a ‘system of systems’. It’s crucial. It’s what’s known as interoperability, and Typhoon was built with it in mind.
This idea of working together means being able to communicate across the airways — be that over the radio, data link or visually — and Typhoon is able to use all three to create the interoperability.
Thanks to its core customers across Europe it has a distinctive heritage — one that means Typhoon was designed to be interoperable with the widest range of aircraft and other ground systems.
With its core partner nations Typhoon is part of a frontline force mix alongside F-35 Lightning with the UK and Italy, Tornado with Germany and Italy and the F/A-18 Hornet with Spain, and forms similar formidable pairings with its international customers.
It’s proven too. Typhoon has worked in some of the most dangerously-congested places on the planet carrying out missions. In these complex war theatres interoperability is a vital component for both mission success and pilot safety.
“Eurofighter provides us with the highest level of combat readiness in the world. And because we have more than 500 Eurofighters in Europe over several nations all operating the same aircraft it provides us with obvious inter-operability amongst us.”
Spanish Air Force pilot Moron Air Base

Eurofighter Typhoon

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