Fast Interceptor Craft

Fast Interceptor Craft
The Fast Interceptor Craft range is designed specifically for the demanding military and coastguard sector. Available in several variants, they are carefully tailored to suit each individual operator’s particular requirements.

These boats have a formidable reputation and are currently in service with UK Special Forces and overseas agencies.

External Fit-Out
External fittings on the craft are kept to a minimum to maintain a low radar cross-section.  Shrouding raydomes, aerial fits and apertures  ensure low radar and heat signatures enabling a stealth capability.

Potential Machinery
A variety of propulsion lines are available from twin or triple petrol outboards through to twin diesel stern drives, twin diesel jet drives or twin Arneson surface drives.

The Fast Interceptor Craft boasts a range of systems facilities and options including:
- Multiple fuel tank arrangements with the ability to draw fuel from either tank as required.
- Water separator/primary filter within the engine compartment.
- Electric and manual bilge systems with automatic sensing and high bilge alarms.
- Fire and/or smoke detection system with visual/audible display on console and/or cabin.
- Variety of navigation and communication systems available to end user specification, including, but not limited to, fully integrated intercom systems, radar, satcom and multiple radio installation.

Internal Arrangement
Accommodation typically consists of an open or enclosed cockpit with various seating layouts. Cockpit layouts are arranged to suit the use of modern day battle field management and situational awareness electronic aids. Forward cabin with berths, a WC compartment and galley. Both the cabin and cockpit (enclosed version) can be air conditioned.

Weapon System
A variety of systems are available to ensure full 360 degree cover when operating in a fire support role.
These include fully automated giro stabilised bow mounted mini gun systems and track or pedestal mounted weapons up to 0.5 calibre,
With specialist equipment integration racks the craft can be rapidly reconfigured to meet different rolesincluding:
- Boarding integration of specialist boarding equipment
- Fire support integration of weapons systems and ammunition
- Command platform integration of communications

The Fast Interceptor Craft can be fitted with either a two or four point lifting systems. All craft are air transportable with special trailers available to suit different aircraft including A400M, C130 and C17. This allows for deployment directly to developing situations.

Facts and Figures

Length overall: 10.75 metres
Beam: 2.59 metres
Draft: 0.70 metres

Length overall: 13.07 metres
Beam: 2.83 metres
Draft: 0.82 metres

Length overall: 18.1 metres
Beam: 3.8 metres
Draft: 0.9 metres

Special Operations

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