Our high-performance Fast Interceptor Craft demonstrates our ability to work with our clients and partners to provide high end performance, exacting specialist military features and longevity. 
Proven in service, we continue to integrate new technologies to deliver one of the most advanced technology leading platforms in the world to counter future threats and deliver smart solutions.

The rugged Arctic Class rigid inflatable boats are trusted by the UK Royal Marines, Special Forces, Coastguard Agencies and Lifeboat services. Specially designed for high speed and long range operations, these boats are built to ensure they remain operational in the most arduous conditions with users around the world. 

Our Rigid Raiding Craft set the standard in light assault craft. Using the latest in composite technology for lightness and strength, they are ideal for beach assaults, river patrol, dive support, demolition and general service duties. 
Chosen by the British Army and international armed forces, our Logistics Support Craft’s low draft hull form, high payload carrying capability and machinery arrangement make it the most versatile workboat in its class for roles including bridge building, high speed landing, long range transits, passenger ferry and equipment mobilisation. 

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