Electronic Warfare technology leadership in maximizing threat detection, suppression, and neutralization

Electronic Warfare (EW)

EW technology
An aircraft showcasing BAE Systems electronic warfare technologies in electronic attack and electronic protection missions.
BAE Systems’ EW technologies deliver superior next-generation electronic support (ES), electronic protection (EP), and electronic attack (EA) capabilities.

World leader in electronic warfare

BAE Systems is the premier mission systems provider of next-generation EW solutions. With more than 60 years of experience, we have flown systems on over 80 platforms and operates on 80% of U.S. military fixed-wing aircraft.

Delivering on our commitment

BAE Systems supports all stages of the product lifecycle - development, production, and sustainment. Having delivered more than 13,500 EW systems, our hot production line gives our customers a rapid fielding advantage. We have recently invested more than $100 million into our EW production facilities, including completion of new state-of-the-art microwave manufacturing factories. We have also expanded our Advanced Composites Manufacturing facility and have invested millions of dollars in our EW Integrated Manufacturing Center. This 42,000-square-foot production expansion combines radio frequency, circuit card assembly and environmental test services for EW programs in one co-located facility. With continued facility investments and the insertion of new technology capabilities into our manufacturing processes, BAE Systems is committed to driving performance and delivering the highest quality product on time to our warfighters.


Electronic Support Electronic Attack
  • Rapid signal detection, identification, and tracking
  • Direction finding and geolocation
  • Passive targeting support
  • Missile warning    
  • Threat analysis and response
  • Multispectral, RF/threat management
  • Off-board and on-board self-protection
  • Threat Analysis Testing
Electronic Protection Mission support
  • Cyber
  • Multispectral, radio-frequency (RF)/infrared countermeasures 
  • Off-board and on-board systems
  • Threat Analysis Testing
  • Operational analysis
  • Mission planning tools and data file generators
  • Mission and battle management
  • Avionics test systems and maintenance aids
  • Sustainment and Performance Based
    Logistics (PBL)


Fast facts

What is Electronic Warfare?

Key platforms

Fixed wing

  • AC/MC-130J
  • B-1
  • B-2
  • EC-37B
  • EC-130H 
  • F-15
  • F-16
  • F-22
  • F-35
  • U-2 S

Rotary wing

  • AH-64
  • CH-47
  • UH-60
  • Classified platforms
  • UAVs

Key products


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