Jenny Westworth - apprentice

As the largest employer of skilled engineers in the UK, we are involved in a range of activities to promote the importance of engineering and skills to the nation. Every year we invest more than £80M in working with schools and training our people.

What’s on
Tuesday, 12 March Jenny Westworth from the military aircraft business in Warton will be ‘swapping jobs’ with Skills Minister, Mathew Hancock MP as he goes about his business in Westminster. Jenny, 24, a Typhoon Manufacturing Engineer and currently the National Apprenticeship Champion said: “I’m really excited to see what the Minister’s day involves. My role is to promote the value of apprenticeships so to get to see what the Minister does at first hand is a great opportunity.”

Wednesday 13 March sees the launch of our sixth nationwide schools road-show which this year aims to challenge 25,000 young people’s perceptions about science, technology, engineering and maths. We run the road-shows together with the Royal Air Force who are also reliant on great engineers. This year’s road-show looks at maths and how it applies to everyday life. Our road-shows are currently oversubscribed for schools and we can’t visit additional schools, but everyone can access our education web site for secret facts about engineering and curriculum materials.

We’re also at the Big Bang Science & Engineers Fair in London’s Excel Centre from Thursday 14 to Sunday 18 March. We’ve supported the Fair since the beginning and are excited to be taking part. There are still tickets available for the public days on Saturday and Sunday so come and take part in our engineering challenges and meet the team who designed the award-winning Bedflex.