Partner 2 Win

Air Sector Supplier Centre
At BAE Systems we understand that the way in which we work with our supply base is critical to our future success. 
We are seeking to achieve Operational Excellence through the means of accelerating performance, collaboration and competitiveness with our Key Partners and Suppliers.  For the business to enable wider Operational Excellence, we must have robust performance and reporting measures in place and collaborative relationships with our key suppliers and partners.  Partner 2 Win will underpin our drive for Operational Excellence across the supply chain by creating a collaborative environment, embedding performance metrics and recognising sustained high levels of performance to BAE Systems.

The Concept

Partner 2 Win comprise of four key elements – Global Scorecards (measurement), an Annual Supplier Symposium (recognition), Supplier Advisory Councils and Supplier Perception Surveys.

Partner 2 Win

Extend improvement systemically throughout the supply chain
Why is P2W Important?

Partner 2 Win will underpin our drive for Operational Excellence across the supply chain by creating a collaborative environment, embedding performance metrics and recognising sustained high levels of performance to BAE Systems
Our strategy: Enhance Supplier Engagement To Drive Improved Performance

Global Quality and Delivery scorecards promote need for Zero Defects at a supplier level
Supplier Advisory Councils involve suppliers in initiative to discuss best practices
Supplier Perception Surveys allow BAE Systems to address future improvements
Annual Supplier Symposiums recognise suppliers through awards programme​
Key Strategic Actions
  • Global
    Provide objective quality and delivery data to supplier partners monthly with benchmarking information
  • Annual Supplier
    Formally recognise
    high-performing suppliers
  • Supplier Advisory
    Share feedback and industry best practices in face-to-face forum
  • Supplier Perception
    Obtain feedback from suppliers to improve BAE Systems processes

Partner 2 Win aims to consistently measures suppliers’ Quality & Delivery performance and is being implemented on a rolling basis across the whole of BAE Systems, categorising suppliers as Gold, Silver, Bronze, Yellow or Red.  The aim is for suppliers achieve Gold, Silver or Bronze positions and for suppliers who do so to be recognised on an annual basis.  The targets for achieving each position are set out below:
Image of gold tier iconTier Gold | Delivery Score 100% | Quality Score 100%

Image of silver tier iconTier Silver | Delivery Score 98.00% | Quality Score 99.85%

Image of bronze tier iconTier Bronze | Delivery Score 96.00% | Quality Score 99.55%

Image of yellow tier iconTier Yellow | Delivery Score 90.00% | Quality Score 98.00%

Image of red tier iconTier Red | Delivery Score <90.00% | Quality Score <98.00%
Supplier Advisory Councils

The Supplier Advisory Council seeks to provide the opportunity to share industry best practice, experience and feedback in an honest and collaborative face-to-face forum.  The council will consist of approximately ten members from the supply base and 10 members from BAE Systems, along with a suitable chairperson.

The councils will meet twice per annum as a minimum, with outputs shared across BAE Systems and the attending supplier representatives to address best practice and review key themes borne out of the session.  Supplier attendance will rotate providing an opportunity for input from a broad cross-section of our supply base, from global multi-national corporations to local SME organisations.

Inaugural Advisory Councils were held in our UK, KSA and Australian markets in 2019 with more planned for 2020.

Supplier Perception Surveys

The Partner 2 Win Supplier Perception Survey aims to obtain feedback from Partner 2 Win suppliers and identify opportunities for mutual improvement.  The surveys will consider and request feedback on topics such as Relationship, Communication, Performance Management, Information Exchange and Profitability.

How do I get involved?

Partner 2 Win is a Global BAE Systems initiative that started off in our US business where the programme is now developing in maturity.  We are now in the process of rolling out the programme across the rest of the business enterprise, including the Air Sector.  As we continue our roll-out, you will be contacted by your supplier manager to discuss the programme in further detail, including the enrolment process.