Change summary

Air Sector Supplier Centre
These are truly unprecedented and challenging times. Every single one of us is having to adapt to the evolving and difficult situation presented by the global Coronavirus pandemic.


As you know, the defence industry has been categorised as a key sector by the UK Government and other international governments that we support, and there is an expectation that we will continue to provide these services in support of national security and defence contracts.

The health, safety and wellbeing of our employees and visitors is our top priority. We have implemented significant changes to our work environment to ensure that we comply with the latest Government guidelines in relation to social distancing and safe working. 
New working practices To help keep people safe


Summary of Key Changes

Recall to working on site process
  • It is a fundamental principle of our return to work process that on-site working can only recommence when there is a safe system of work in place that has been signed off via our governance processes.
  • All work environments are assessed to ensure compliance with our Covid-19 risk assessments and guidance (see below), including in relation to social distancing. All adjustments made to working areas are continuously monitored and enforced.
  • We have implemented a controlled and phased return to working on site.
  • All employees and contractors are required to attend an induction briefing before they return to the workplace. The induction briefing summarises:
  • The new safe systems of work that have been implemented.
  • The physical changes that have been made to the working environment to ensure social distancing.
  • The enhanced cleaning provision that has been implemented.
Social distancing
  • All employees, contractors and visitors to site are required to stay 2 metres distance apart at all times, including when transiting around site. We have taken steps to ensure we can adhere to social distancing rules by:
  • Reducing numbers in offices, manufacturing environments and communal areas.
  • Setting up offices and meeting rooms to avoid compromising the 2 metre rule.
  • Applying markings to floors and surfaces (including one-way systems) to help guide employees and contractors on maintaining the 2 metre rule.
  • Displaying posters outlining social distancing rules and maximum occupancy guidelines. 
  • Where tasks cannot be undertaken 2 metres apart, we have strict protocols in place to ensure further control measures are implemented.
Enhanced cleaning
  • In addition to the baseline cleaning standards, we have implemented an enhanced cleaning regime. This includes:
  • An increased provision of soap in toilets and kitchen areas.
  • The increased cleaning of touch points on a twice daily basis in work areas, and a three times daily basis in areas with communal footfall.
  • Employees working in operations areas have access to Sat-Wipes to wipe down shared tools, tool chests and working surfaces.

Signage examples


Working in an office safe behaviours infographic

Image showing Air Sector Suppliers - Hangar floor marking
Hangar floor showing social distancing marking