Link 16 Products

Offering greater Link 16 operational effectiveness without increasing size, weight, or power demands.

Multifunctional Information Distribution System - Joint Tactical Radio System (MIDS JTRS)

MIDS JTRS reduced the need for excessive spares and logistics supports on the F/A-18 and other military aircraft.
MIDS JTRS is the Link 16 radio system everyone wanted…and has become the transformative, high capability radio that U.S. and Coalition forces don't want to be without. And its ramped-up production is making that possible.

The MIDS Joint Tactical Radio System (MIDS JTRS) by Data Link Solutions (DLS) – a joint venture of BAE Systems and Collins Aerospace – replaces many legacy radios in military platforms, reducing any need for excessive spares and logistics support. MIDS JTRS is a 4-channel radio that runs the complex Link 16 waveform plus up to three more communication protocols, including the Tactical Targeting Network Technology (TTNT). This advanced terminal can also host and provide computer processing to run routing and platform-specific applications, lowering the costs of integration.

Using software applications for expanded capabilities, the MIDS JTRS terminal goes beyond traditional tactical data links with greatly expanded operational effectiveness, yet it does not consume additional space, weight, or power in any platform. MIDS JTRS is perfect for upgrading a wide range of aircraft, including fighters, tankers, transport, command and control, and rotary wing, but is also perfect for maritime and fixed site Link 16 users.

MIDS JTRS is a 4-channel radio that runs the Link 16 waveform for tactical data links, plus up to 3 more communications protocols, yet it replaces legacy radios and requires no added space, weight, or power.

MIDS JTRS is available in three configurations – the MIDS JTRS Core, MIDS JTRS CMN-4, and MIDS JTRS CMN-4 w/Tactical Targeting Network Technology (TTNT). All versions feature:

  • Current Link 16 and TACAN functionality
  • Same physical footprint as what they replace
  • Current MIDS connector configuration and position
  • Increased functionality
  • Capable of implementing emerging airborne waveforms
  • Future waveform enhancements via software downloads
  • Multi-layer security (4 channels running at MSLS)

Learn more about our MIDS JTRS by visiting the DataLink Solutions MIDS JTRS page today. Or contact our Electronic Systems business representative to arrange a meeting.